EDI Outsouring

EDI by Outsourcing

clearDAX is a communication- and conversion software on demand  (SaaS) for translation of standardized business messages from a source- to a target format (e.g. from VDA to SAP IDOC) and the data exchange from and to a business partner. It makes it possible for you to outsource your EDI projects.  

Please note: Even with our focus on the Automotive Industry we are able to connect other industries to our platform at any time as well. 

We only take over the exchange – sending and receiving – of logistic data or additionally the conversion of messages by means of conversion tables (mappings). 

Your advantages on a glance:

- High availability and liability

- Seemless integration of the EDI process

- ERP system is the only operating interface 

- Mapping of specific company processes 

- No IT infrastructure, IP-Add, Server

- Future safety due to various protocols

- High availability and liability