webEDI from the cloud

Simple and efficient communication via the cloud

Our webDAX is a cloud communication solution for an easy connection of smaller suppliers.

webDAX has originally been developed for companies in the trading sector. It is, however, also suitable for the adoption in other sectors such as automotive, mechanical engineering, etc.

Thanks to the universal composition and the application of the generally valid formats EDIFACT for orders, order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices and due to the use of protocols such as AS2, X.400 and/or OFTP2 in the field of data transmission, webDAX meets the requirements of further sectors.

Utilization scenario of webDAX

Clients connect their suppliers:

webDAX can be used by clients as a portal solution for small- and medium sized suppliers who do not have their own EDI solution.


Suppliers connect themselves to their clients:

The supplier receives an individual access to webDAX in order to meet the requirements of his customer solely by using a webbrower.

Your advantages at a glance

For clients

- Quick connection of suppliers who are not capable of EDI

- Process chain individually adaptable to the partner

- Reduction of manual efforts and therefore costs

- Operation of portal in your own corporate identity

For suppliers

- Fulfillment of the EDI specifications of your client

- A webbrowser as the only requirement

- Low costs