EDI training for optimal processes and knowledge retention


EDI training for optimal processes and knowledge retention

Our EDI training courses support you in many ways:

  • You secure the knowledge for your company even in the event of staff changes
  • Your employees can be trained in a more targeted manner
  • Additional analysis and optimisation of your EDI systems

The departure of the in-house person responsible for your EDI system can suddenly become reality – would you be prepared for this? In such a case it is important to quickly find a new person in charge – also to preserve the knowledge of the departing person. You can be optimally prepared for this eventuality if you document processes as a precaution and have appropriate training courses ready.

With training courses that are specifically tailored to your requirements in the area of EDI, you also have the opportunity to have your (new) responsible persons optimally trained. This includes that we analyse your EDI system, find out the biggest sources of errors and train your EDI team according to your system and usage requirements – for even faster and smoother processes!

Furthermore, additional process-optimising modules can make your EDI process more stable and secure, so that you hardly need any manual intervention to maintain your EDI data and process quality. This in turn reduces your susceptibility to errors.

Would you like to profit from all these advantages for your EDI system?

Then contact us at +49 811 9592 430 or by e-mail at sales@huengsberg.com and let us advise and train you so that you will still be able to meet your partners’ EDI requirements tomorrow. If you would like to get an overview of our consulting services in general, please visit us here. Contact HÜNGSBERG now

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