webEDI with webDAX – you or your suppliers can become EDI-capable in no time at all


webEDI with webDAX – you or your suppliers can become EDI-capable in no time at all

Regardless of whether your company needs to become EDI-capable although you do not have a corresponding system with a suitable EDI interface in use or you want to make your non-EDI-capable suppliers EDI-capable, with our webEDI solution webDAX you can implement both and other EDI application scenarios.

Be it the e-invoice connection or the entire order-delivery-invoice-turn-over process, with our webEDI solution you can easily and flexibly cover the required formats or processes.

With webDAX, we provide you or your suppliers with a small database system via which you can maintain your master data for the items to be delivered and then fulfil the various processes such as orders, delivery notes with barcode labels and invoices.

Advantages for suppliers:

For suppliers, it offers the great advantage that the webDAX system checks the processes and data in the background and only allows processing, e.g. of a delivery note, if the corresponding MANDATORY fields are filled. In addition, all barcode labels can be generated directly from the delivery note.

Advantages for customers:

For customers who connect their suppliers, there is the great advantage that the EDI messages they receive are “MANDATORY field checked” and therefore have a very high data quality. In addition, the webDAX system can be customised to the customer’s corporate design.

No matter your or your suppliers’ requirements, we can fulfil them by configuring the webDAX system, because both the fields and process mechanisms can be implemented flexibly – without any development or associated costs.

For more information or advice on your EDI business case, we look forward to hearing from you at sales@huengsberg.com

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