Mandatory e-invoices in B2B coming to Germany in 2025

Mandatory e-invoices in B2B coming to Germany in 2025

“HÜNGSBERG provides support in every invoice situation”

The go-ahead has now been given for the introduction of mandatory e-invoicing in B2B business in Germany at the beginning of 2025 and the following years. Here´s what you need to know about it: 

What is the e-invoice and how is it transmitted?

The e-invoice or electronic invoice is created, transmitted, received, processed and archived in a structured, standardised electronic format. In the automotive industry, the OFTP2 protocol is used for electronic transmission; in trade and industry, the AS2 protocol is used.

Which electronic invoice formats are currently used?

E-invoices must comply with a certain standard. The XRechnungs format, which is already used in public procurement, is currently suitable for these standard requirements.  Or the ZUGFeRD invoice format, a hybrid invoice format consisting of an XML file and an invoice PDF.

The invoice issuer and invoice recipient can furthermore agree bilaterally on which standardised e-invoice formats are to be used.

In the automotive sector, for example, the VDA 4938 invoice format, the global e-invoice or Invoice. This will continue to be used and currently fulfills the standard requirements for e-invoicing.

HÜNGSBERG can provide any structured invoice format in the form of a mapping that is generated from the source format, such as the ERP format (a target format, e.g. VDA 4938), or vice versa. In the case of invoices, the two formats mentioned above would be used: XRechnung and ZUGFeRD.

When should you start working on the introduction of e-invoices?

You should familiarise yourself with the topic now. Even if the introduction is not due to start until 2025 (with a deadline extension until 1 January 2027), you should already plan the necessary measures for the receipt of e-invoices and the creation of e-invoices, both in terms of time and costs.

Better to introduce classic EDI straight away?

If you have already looked into the topic of EDI (electronic data interchange) due to existing requests for the electronic receipt of orders and the dispatch of delivery notes and invoices, then now would be an excellent time to think about introducing an EDI solution. However, this also means that you need to check your ERP solution for EDI capability, i.e. can the ERP EDI interface fulfill the requirements for e-invoicing? Or does the ERP system still need to be customised to become EDI-capable? Which EDI components may still be required to fulfill the requirements for electronic invoicing?

HÜNGSBERG will be happy to advise you without obligation if you already have specific requirements.

At HÜNGSBERG, we can cover everything: from webEDI to classic EDI, from ERP to ERP, right up to a self-operated supplier EDI portal. We have the right solution for every e-invoicing requirement.

What do I do if I can already send and/or receive e-invoices, but I have a supplier who cannot create e-invoices to send them to me?

There are solutions here too, usually via portals. The supplier can then create an invoice manually via a portal and the desired invoice data record, e.g. XRechnung or ZUGFeRD, is then created from this data and sent directly.

HÜNGSBERG offers a webEDI solution for the generation of e-invoices or the reading of e-invoices into a PDF, for small companies or small invoice document numbers.

This works the other way around as well – the supplier can generate an e-invoice and the customer can receive an e-invoice. The invoice data in standardised electronic form and as a PDF can be downloaded in both cases and then archived.

And it’s all very easy with just a web browser!

What’s next for mandatory e-invoices?

HÜNGSBERG will keep you up to date on e-invoicing via our quarterly newsletters.

This includes topics such as:

  • What will become mandatory when it comes to e-invoicing – what are the exact deadlines?
  • What exactly is an XRechnung and what is a ZUGFeRD invoice?
  • How must e-invoices be archived? And much more!

You can also tell us a topic of your choice, which we will then be happy to include as an entry for you. Please simply send us the topic of your choice to – subject “E-invoice topic of choice” and briefly describe it. Thank you very much!

We look forward to a lively exchange on these topics!

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