HÜNGSBERG at the ODETTE Conference 20 – 21 November 2023


HÜNGSBERG at the ODETTE Conference 20 – 21 November 2023

Automotive supply chain management with digitalisation and standardisation

This year we have the home advantage: the annual ODETTE conference is taking place in Berlin this time. As an active member of the ODETTE Expertise Group, we will be there to present our EDI solution portfolio for all supply chain requirements and to exchange ideas with global players in the automotive sector.

This event focuses on the importance of digitalisation and the associated standardisation to ensure effective and optimised industry-wide collaboration: supply chain management in the automotive industry involves more and more internal and external partners, all of whom have recognised that industry-wide networking and effective technical solutions are crucial for success.

We are also convinced of this and will be happy to keep you up to date on the upcoming innovations from the ODETTE conference. Or you can come directly to the trade fair yourself – our HÜNGSBERG trade fair team looks forward to seeing you at our stand!

Here you can register directly for the ODETTE Conference.

Not yet in the fast lane?

You are not yet transferring your data via OFTP2? Then let us help you become OFTP2-Ready! Thanks to our OFTP2-Ready service, it’s easy to get started with OF’TP2 communication.

Did you already know?

ODETTE updates all certificates issued before February 2023.

We obtain the certificates used in DAXware’s OFTP2 solution through ODETTE (Organisation for Data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europe), based in England. As you know, ODETTE continuously reviews and upgrades the security features of its digital certificates to meet the ever-increasing cyber security requirements of car manufacturers.

The last upgrade took place on 7 February 2023; the previously issued ODETTE certificates were signed with a SHA2 algorithm but were dependent upon a root certificate signed with a SHA1 algorithm – this has now been changed.

ODETTE points out that there is no reason to believe that this poses an immediate threat to the security of ODETTE certificates, but several of its large customers in the automotive industry requested an update of the root certificate, as some information security organisations such as the Federal Office for Information Security (BIS) in Germany and the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) in the USA doubted the security of the SHA1 algorithm.

ODETTE now complied with this demand and updated the root certificate – all ODETTE certificates issued since February are signed with the SHA2-512 algorithm and depend on a root certificate signed with the same algorithm.

We at HÜNGSBERG want to ensure that all our customers are ultimately in possession of a certificate that complies with the new standard. Because as soon as the new requirements are enforced by the car manufacturers, the new signing will become the new standard and then probably also a basic requirement for data exchange with most OEMs.

Important for you: If you as a DAXWARE user are affected by the update of the OFTP2 certificate, we will soon send you an e-mail and then discuss the changeover options with you with a simultaneous extension of the certificate duration.

If you would like to take action now, you can contact us by e-mail at logistik@huengsberg.com or by phone at +49 811 9592 0.

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