A wide range of possible uses for e-invoicing: a look at the future of accounting


A wide range of possible uses for e-invoicing: a look at the future of accounting

E-invoicing: mandatory from 2025 – how to prepare yourself

E-invoicing will be mandatory for B2B companies starting 1 January 2025. To facilitate the transition, paper and PDF invoices will be permitted until the end of 2026, provided the recipient agrees. In 2027, only companies with a maximum turnover of 800,000 euros in the previous year will be allowed to use these formats.

From 2028, all B2B companies must use e-invoices. Prepare now and adapt your processes together with HÜNGSBERG!

Invoice issuers can submit e-invoices using the XRechnung standard or the ZUGFeRD invoice format. XRechnung is based on a structured XML data record and is mainly used in the public sector. The ZUGFeRD invoice is a hybrid format consisting of a PDF document and a structured XML file. However, other e-invoice formats are also generally suitable for fulfilling the above-mentioned requirements.

Regardless of the e-invoice application scenario, we at HÜNGSBERG have a solution for everything –
such as the following requirements:

  • You want to operate classic e-invoice EDI because your system, e.g. ERP, CRM, has an EDI interface, e.g. for invoices
  • You want to make your non-EDI-capable suppliers e-invoice-capable
  • You want to be able to receive PDF invoices from your suppliers as e-invoices in order to process them directly in your underlying system
  • You do not have an ERP system and can only generate invoices as PDFs, but need to send an e-invoice to your customers
  • You do not have an ERP system and need to receive invoices as XRechnung or ZUGFeRD files. So far, you have only received PDF invoices – the good news first – if you fall into this last group, then choose the ZUGFeRD variant. Because this is a hybrid variant of a structured XML file and a PDF invoice file! You can then still open the PDF invoice file from the ZUGFeRD message and save it somewhere else, just as the entire construct of the ZUGFeRD message must be saved in an audit-proof manner.

We are happy to help you with the data exchange of e-invoices depending on the partner, format and protocol!

If required, please contact sales@huengsberg.com

Further information is also available on our new landing page: E-invoicing

HÜNGSBERG joins in and offers you the e-invoice procedure from 2025

As an EDI provider, we want to give you the option of receiving our invoices as e-invoices via OFTP2 from 2025. We offer you the XRechnung and ZUGFeRD formats for this purpose.

If this changeover is not currently possible for you, you can continue to receive PDF invoices from us until the end of 2026. Our HÜNGSBERG invoicing team will contact you in this regard and enquire about your preference.

We support you in all aspects of your incoming and outgoing e-invoice processes!

We will be happy to advise you without obligation at sales@huengsberg.com

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